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Fran's article: Peter M. Skrmetta, A Boy from Brac, appears in the Gulf Coast Writers 2014 Anthology, Mississippi Profiles, Edited by Philip L. Levin.

Fran was named a winner in the Summer 2014 Magnolia Quarterly Writing Contest with her short essay entitled From Shrimp Factory to College.

Fran’s books and artwork are available at the gift store in the Biloxi Lighthouse Visitor Center, 1050 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS, across from the Biloxi Lighthouse.

They are also available at Southern Bound Book Shop, next to Hobby Lobby on Pass Road in Biloxi MS.

Check out my New Art Gallery where I show my hand-painted items. I hope to have them for sale in bookstores and gift stores in my home area and on the internet.

Even in this high-tech world of fast living, each of us has a place of escape. My place is a quiet bayou harbor. The mirror slick surface of the black water and the swaying marsh grasses take me from season to season, not with changing colors, but with the wildlife it supports. Graceful herons, snowy white egrets, and crash-diving pelicans live alongside of alligators, blue crabs, and playful otters. Thousands of minnows bring the water to life in the spring, and mullet jump across the water in summer and fall. Most of my stories are set along the beaches, islands, and waterways of the Gulf Coast. Ironically my first novel was set in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Even so, my heroine found her escape - and her love - in a beautiful snow-covered setting. If you can't physically get away, I hope you'll pick up a book - one of my romances, of course - and let yourself escape into a world where your problems are set aside for a few hours and love always wins.

Available Now from the Wild Rose Press

After losing her husband and unborn baby in a car accident for which she blames herself, Victoria Lafferty had devoted her life to helping South American children find homes in the United States, but her plans are thrown into chaos by a rebellion in the country.
After his mission is compromised and he is shot and captured, Major John Dawson, is kept alive so the rebel leader can “take care” of John himself for killing his brother.
Together Victoria and John face the hostile jungle and the rebel leader, but will deep-seated guilt and a desire for revenge stand in the way of their life together?

My newest Traditional Romances revised from the original and available as an ePub at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Can love survive for over a hundred and fifty years?
An architectural engineer and a biology professor tackle that question when the engineer finds a love note in the wall of a Civil War fort he is restoring.
When dark secrets threaten to shatter their relationship, they too must find what makes a love forever.
This book is a revision of Forever, My Love by Fran Fisher, the author’s former penname. It has been rewritten for a more traditional romance audience.

Journalist, photographer, and single mother, Angie Lathem, prides herself on being objective and fair, but when she comes face-to-face with her new assignment, Coach Garrett Fuller, she finds it isn’t’ easy to forget the past and see beyond preconceived notions.
In Playing with Feeling, these two professionals find that even when playing the field is rocky, love can find a way to grow.

My newest Montlake Romance Windswept is available through Amazon (Paperback and Kindle).

En route to marry the fiancé handpicked by her father, Virginia Ames gets shipwrecked off the coast of the beautiful Florida Keys. Her rescuer, the dashing Captain Slader, is a wrecker who specializes in salvaging cargo from sunken vessels. As a native New Englander, Virginia grew up in wealth but felt most comfortable on the docks, among the ships. This special connection to the sea is one of the few things the privileged heiress and the rugged captain share. But mixed with the captain’s handsome looks, could this passion be enough to drive Virginia’s marriage plans off course?
Captain John Slader is no stranger to the winds of change himself. He’d once lost the thing he held most dear: his family. But now that those same winds have sent him the lovely Virginia, will he risk his heart yet again? Virginia’s fiancé, an up-and-coming politician, may be able to offer her a world of wealth and comfort—but could he cherish her as John would, with a love as boundless as the ocean itself?

All of her books are available on Amazon Kindle editions and Barnes & Noble. You don't need a special device to read most eBooks. Formats for your computer and mobile devices are readily available for free.

On the Crest of a Wave was a Finalist in the 2010 National Readers' Choice Awards (Traditional) sponsored by Oklahoma Romance Writers of America.



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